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Writing Checklist

26 Jun

Continuing on the writing theme…… I think the main problem today is pupils knowing exactly what things to include in a piece of writing but writing their ideas down so quickly that they forget to actually check their work!  Like I said on my last post, writing at home and at school is so important. With that in mind, I’ve created a writing checklist that aims to get pupils to take a breather and just stop and check their work. This really can make all the difference when pupils are using some fantastic vocabularly but have just forgotten to use full stops. It also means pupils get to tick things off as they go along, meaning they can see where their writing is going.

Attached file below (hopefully), it’s a word document!

writing toolbox

What is that weird thing staring down at me?

24 Jun

I’ve just added a picture to my blog. This is a picture I took when I was stranded in Thailand due to the volcanic ash! I absolutely love the statue, there are so many ways to interpret it, and that leads to my next point……..Creative Writing.

I think using a visual a stimulus or a short youtube clip is a really fab way to get pupils engaged in writing. It’s something that parents can easily do at home with their children. Kids need to write, they need to sometimes write purely for pleasure and see where their ideas can take them! I’ve added some images that can take writing in all sorts of directions! Creativity is key!

Imagine you're stuck in this traffic!

Describe this scene.